5 Step Rug Cleaning Process

May 24, 2021 | Rug Cleaning

5 Steps To Area Rug Cleaning Process at Atiyeh Bros

Throughout our 120 years of rug experience, we have perfected the art of area rug cleaning to bring our customers quality, advanced technology, highly trained professional expertise and unmatched customer service. With a few exceptions, almost all the rugs we clean go through the following 5 Step Rug Cleaning Process:

1. Area Rug Inspection

First we will inspect, measure and photograph your area rug. Our rug professionals will inspect each rug individually for any possible concerns, repair, stains, pet problems etc. The inspection process will include a conversation with you regarding your rug; where it is from, the age of the rug, and the fibers it is made of. Our rug technician will photograph your rug and discuss with you the use and traffic your rug gets in your home along with any information, questions or concerns you or our rug professional may have regarding your rug. Using this information we can determine the best cleaning method for you, including odor mitigation and stain removal.

2. Dry Soil Removal

Atiyeh Bros. uses a Rug Duster that removes dust and soil from your rug. Each rug goes through this automated Duster upside down. The paddles beat the back of the rug, loosening the dust and particles deep within your rug to the surface allowing them to be removed and pushed into the vacuum system. Your home vacuum can only reach surface dust, not the dirt and grime deep within. It’s important to get this deep grime removed so it does not get “ground in” or pushed deeper into the rug fibers during the cleaning process.

3. Area Rug Cleaning Process

Each rug then goes through the automated cleaning machine where a technician washes the rug with a mild PH neutral formula. Our eco-friendly rug cleaning formula is safe for people and the environment. The machine then runs the rug through a rinsing cycle where the top and bottom of the rug is rinsed thoroughly with water. This washer cleans the front and back of the rug. Then the rug goes through a wringing process removing 70% of the moisture from the rug.

4. Rug Drying process

Once cleaned the rug is hung in our temperature controlled drying room. The temperature reaches approximately 135 degrees with our direct fire furnace and turbulence fans that circulate the air enabling the rug to completely dry in a short period of time. Quickly drying your rug is what gives it the soft feel once dry.

5. Servicing Each Rug

Your rug is now taken to the service floor for final inspection and preparation. During the servicing process each rug is inspected for further detailing including vacuuming and grooming. At this time any rug pads that were ordered are custom cut to the size of the rug. After detailing and grooming each rug is rolled up for customer pick up or delivery.

Hand Cleaning Rugs

Some rugs may require hand cleaning or additional cleaning processes depending upon the rug type and any fiber strength issues the rug may have. In addition you may need stain removal or odor mitigation from pet accidents. Our odor mitigation is safe and removes the bacteria that causes odors. We don’t mask the smell, we destroy the root cause, bacteria.

Rug Drop Off Locations

If your rug needs a professional clean or you have any further questions regarding rug cleaning, please contact our cleaning department at: 503-234-5495 (Portland) or 541-342-3678 (Eugene)

For rug cleaning, just drop off at any of our three locations: Tigard, Portland or Eugene.