6 Steps to Shipping a Large Rug

Jan 4, 2023 | Area Rugs

How to Ship your rug with ease: 6 steps when shipping your rug

Need to ship a rug? We will walk you through all the steps to help make the shipping process easier. The goal is to successfully get your valuable textile from point A to point B in the most reliable and economical way. Follow these 6 steps and watch our video to properly fold, wrap and ship your rug. 

Angora light blue front and back

6 Tips when Shipping your Large Rug

  1. Fold the rug. When shipping a large rug, the goal is to get it as compact as possible without damaging the rug. For large rugs you will want to fold the rug in 3rds. Before you fold the rug check the nap direction, this information will be helpful in step 2. 
    1. Roll the rug. After the rug has been folded you will roll the rug with the nap direction. This allows the roll to be tight and compact. The rug will likely wrinkle as you roll it. This is normal, it is ok to roll over those wrinkles. Then, in order to keep the rug rolled you will want to use rope or string to tie each end. 
  • Wrap the rug in heavy duty plastic. We wrap our rugs in Tyvek however, we also recommend Visqueen. Visqueen is a more reasonably priced wrapping product that can be found at any hardware store. Lay out a piece of Visqueen that will be large enough to wrap the rug. Place the rug on the Visqueen and wrap it around the rug. Then, bring the loose ends together over the rug. If you have excess Visqueen on the ends you can trim it down. 
  1. Secure the package with Duct Tape. Wrap Duct Tape around each end to hold the Visqueen in place. We are generous with the Duct tape to ensure the rug stays protected.
  2. Attach the shipping information. You can use your local carrier’s website to print a shipping label or you can print your own to indicate where the rug is going and where it is coming from. The “shipping to” address is the most important and should be clearly and properly labeled. We also recommend including a phone number.
  3. Ship your package. You can schedule to have your package picked up from your location using your carrier’s online website or you can take your package to your local carrier. Not all companies ship large and heavy packages. Check your local carrier for package limitations. Some of the companies that ship large packages include FedEx, UPS and DHL. UPS provides an online package price calculator to give you an idea of what it will cost to ship your package. 

When shipping a large rug, keep it compact by folding and rolling it. Then, make sure to protect your textile from weather and damage by wrapping it tightly in heavy duty plastic. Plastic wrapping is great for short term transportation but not for storing a rug. When your rug makes it to the destination it should be un-wrapped and rolled out to help the folds and wrinkles settle. If the rug is going into storage, it should be unwrapped and rewrapped in paper for storage.  (Learn more about storing a rug) 

When handling a large and heavy rug ensure you use your legs for lifting or have someone assist you when moving or loading the rug. 


If you have questions about shipping give us a call.