Everything Rug Repair and Restoration Guide

Sep 10, 2022 | Area Rugs

Everything About Rug Repair and Restoration

Everything you need to know about quality Rug Repair & Restorations

Before taking your rug in for surgery it is good to be well informed. Below you will find our answers to some of the most common questions about rug repair.

1. Is my rug worth repairing?

We get this question a lot. There are three factors we evaluate when helping our customers determine the best decision for their rug:

  • The type of repair needed & the cost
  • The value of their rug
  • The sentimental value the rug holds.

Our trained team at Atiyeh Bros. has the expertise to know what repair will be needed and the cost to complete the work. Some rugs require minimal repair, while other rugs may need full surgery and the cost difference can be significant. At Atiyeh Bros. we can also provide customers with the value of their rug. In many cases when you weigh the rugs value to the cost of repair it can clearly determine if the rug is worth repairing. However, the last factor to take into consideration is the sentimental value the rug holds. At Atiyeh Bros. we provide our customers with thorough information on the repair needed, the cost of that repair, and the value of the rug so our customers can make the best educated decision for them and their rug. We have seen many rugs repaired based solely on the sentimental value.

2. Can a rug be repaired?

Yes, all rugs are capable of repair and restoration. The real question is, how much money are you willing to spend? Repair is not always the best decision for you or your rug.
At Atiyeh Bros. our goal is to inform you of the repair your rug would require and the value of your rug. Our desire is to provide you with all of the information you need to make the best educated decision based upon the rugs value, the repair needed, and the sentiment the rug has to you.

3. How much does it cost to repair a rug?

The cost to repair your rug varies based upon the severity of the damage, type of repair required, type of rug, type of weave, and materials needed. Based on the range of factors it is impossible to give a quoted price until our trained technicians have seen the rug. We often have customers send us a photo, which helps us provide an estimated price range. However, the damage to your rug can be more extensive than what can be seen in a picture, this is why we need to physically see the rug to provide a quoted price.

4. Does a rug need to be cleaned before it is repaired?

Yes, rug cleaning is needed before repair for three main reasons:

  1. Hygiene. Our repair technicians spend hours repairing a rug with their hands. We do not want our team breathing in and touching a dirty rug.
  2. Workability. Dirt and soil in your rug make it difficult to sew into the material. We need a clean rug in order to produce the best results and to make it easier for our technicians.
  3. Color Matching. When we repair a rug with yarn, we want the yarn to be the best color match to the yarns originally used. A dirty rug that holds soil in the fibers will appear to be a different color than a rug that is clean.

5. How do you repair an area rug?

We offer five main types of repairs:

  1. Hand Edge Repair: Over time, rugs can become worn and frayed. Our experienced repair department can hand wrap yarn to the edge of your rug to extend the life of your rug.
  2. Hand End Repair: When the end of your rug has started to unravel, we can provide hand stitching, which prevents the ends from unraveling. This is the most natural way of securing the ends of your rug.
  3. Patching: If your rug has fallen prey to moth damage or puppy teeth, Atiyeh Bros. has a wide selection of materials on-hand to mend many of these issues.
  4. Fringe Repair: If you wish to repair, add, or remove fringe we have a variety of options that can accommodate your needs.
  5. Binding & Serging: Atiyeh Bros. color-matches the binding tape from our wide selection of widths and colors and sew the tape to the rug with our specialized machine for a finished edge. Serging is the process of continuously wrapping the rugs edge with yarn for a secure and durable finish.

The art of hand crafting rugs is true artisan work and the same goes for the work of rug restoration. At Atiyeh Bros. we aim to help you make the educated decision on having your rug repaired or putting that money toward a new rug. We use the finest materials available to produce a durable and beautiful rug restoration. Learn more about our repair work and give us a call!