Wall-to-Wall Carpet Goes High Tech – Karastan SmartStrand Forever Clean

Sep 29, 2016 | Stain Resistance

smartstrand forever clean for carpet care

Modern Advancement in Wall-to-Wall Carpet Helps Keep Your Home Clean!

If you haven’t been in the market for wall-to-wall carpet lately, there have been some great strides in technology that won’t make you sacrifice beauty or comfort. Imagine a wall-to-wall carpet that has permanent built-in stain resistance and comes with all pet protection that’s warranteed. You don’t have to look any further than the Karastan SmartStrand Forever Clean™ carpeting.

How it works

SmartStrand Forever Clean resists stains on a molecular level. Using Nanoloc™ technology, nano particles bond on a molecular level to encompass the carpet fiber, forming a shield that resists dirt and liquids. This shield provides permanent, built-in stain protection that doesn’t wear or wash off. Because SmartStrand Forever Clean does not hold onto dirt, it is 3x easier to clean based on independent vacuum tests.

Permanent Protection

wall-to-wall carpet - smartstrand_fiber-close-up

Karastan SmartStrand fiber close-up

Because the soil protection is built into the fiber, the stain resistance is permanent. Other wall-to-wall carpets may have topical treatments that repel stains, but they can wash and wear off over time. As those topical treatments wear off, the dirt and liquids can adhere to the carpet fibers making them harder to clean, allowing bacteria to grow and lead to musty odors.

All Pet Protection and Warranty

You know that pets (and kids) can be tough on wall-to-wall carpet. Accidents and spills can be a daily occurrence. The built-in soil stain protection is the perfect carpet for families with pets and kids. The Nanoloc technology allows 0% absorption, making spills and pet accidents sit on top of the fibers, easy to blot up with a cloth. Pet hair and dander have nothing to stick to and are easily vacuumed up keeping the carpet clean and safe.

Beauty and Durability

The innovative fibers in Karastan SmartStrand Forever Clean are engineered to resist matting and crushing, allowing it to maintain its beauty and appearance over time. In comparison tests, SmartStrand Silk Forever Clean proved to be three times longer than comparable soft nylon carpets.