Pet stain removal

Jun 4, 2020 | Carpet Cleaning, Rug Cleaning

Carpet Odor Is One Of Our Pet Peeves

Cleaning pet stains from rugs & carpet is an Atiyeh Bros. specialty.

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The sit, stay and rollover of pet stains.

  1. Rugs exposed to pets get dirtier quicker.
  2. Pet accidents create bacteria that turn spots to stains.
  3. Improperly cleaned “accidents” cause damage to rugs.
  4. Pets repeat behavior in accident spots if untreated.
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Rugs that live with a pet family need special attention you can only get at Atiyeh Bros. When you bring in your rug, a technician will walk you through a pre-inspection process to determine any issues requiring special attention.

We offer multiple cleaning methods. Our technicians will discuss your rug to establish the fiber type, how it was made, the rug’s condition and whether special attention needs to be given for spills or pet issues. Then we recommend a cleaning process, and if the rug needs additional stain removal or odor mitigation as well as cleaning. We have pre-treating submersion tanks that will flush out the urine and eliminate all bacteria and odor.

In addition to cleaning, we highly suggest a quality rug pad, that can mitigate any urine from ever touching and damaging your hardwood flooring.