Why Choose A Rug Pad For Hardwood Flooring

Jun 27, 2022 | Rug Pads

How to Choose The Best Rug Pad for Hard Surface Flooring

Looking for a rug pad for hard surface flooring? Look no further, we have you, your rug, and your floors covered! Your rug pad should be built to last and made to work for you. Our rug pads are industry leading in being eco-friendly, durable, and sustainable.
Homeowners love our rug pad, see for yourself why:

1. Protects your rug

As rug experts we care about rugs. Rug pads like ours are designed to absorb the wear and friction that occurs on your rug, helping your rug last longer. It is a great way to protect the investment and sentiment of your rug.

2. Protects your floors

Our rug pads have a Pet Urine Barrier that helps keep liquids such as pet urine from soaking through to your flooring. Spills that go unnoticed can cause serious damage to your flooring and our rug pads act like insurance for your floors. These rug pads are also designed so that they do not stain, discolor or mar your flooring.

3. Protects your family

Rug pads act as an anchor for your rug minimizing rug movement and wrinkles. This helps minimize tripping and falls from a loose or wrinkled rug. Another benefit of our rug pads is that they do not produce odors or off-gas and are non-allergenic and non-toxic. You can rest assured that our rug pads are designed to help protect your family and loved ones.

4. Eco-friendly

Our rug pads are eco-friendly, they are 100% recycled and Certified Green Label Plus by CRI Institute.

We offer a few different types of this rug pad that vary in thickness depending on your rug and where it is located in your home. Contact Atiyeh Bros. at (503) 234-5495


Rug Pad Protects Hard Surfaces