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Rug Padding

Should you go the extra mile and purchase a rug pad when buying an area rug for your home?

The answer is YES!

Rug pads serve several important purposes, and you’ll want to do a little homework as not all pads are created equally.


One of the most important reasons to use a rug pad is to prevent it from slipping on hard surfaces like hardwood, tile, and laminate floors which can lead to falls and be dangerous. A good rug pad also keeps your rug in position and prevents wrinkles and bunching.

Comfort & Noise Reduction

Having the extra layer of padding underneath provides more comfort when walking on the rug, and allows for additional noise reduction.

Extending the life of your rug

The extra padding reduces friction between the rug and flooring, which can damage the fibers and backing. Without proper padding, your rug can show wear and age much sooner. If you’ve invested in a handmade rug, you definitely want a good supportive pad underneath to protect your investment.

Helps protect the flooring underneath

Just as the rug fibers could be damaged from the friction, the floors underneath can be damaged as well. A good rug pad prevents the slippage and movement keeping your floor in good shape. One thing to be cautious of are the materials used in the rug pad you are purchasing. You’ll want to make sure the rug pad is made from true rubber, which won’t discolor your floors.

Easier to Clean

Many rug pads are designed with ridges that provide better air flow beneath the rug which helps during the vacuuming process and deters mold or mildew from growing. The ridges also provide a place for any dirt particles that get through the rug to rest away from the backing of the rug. The rug pad also slows down any wet spills from getting to the flooring that could potentially damage them.

Now that we’ve covered the reasons for using a rug pad, let’s talk about the types of pads that we’ve chosen as the best options for our customers.

Our best rug pad is the Durahold pad and provides maximum non-slip safety and is constructed from felt and true rubber, which won’t discolor, stain, or damage floors. It’s made in the USA and is LEED certified with no off-gas or odors. We recommend this pad for use under handmade rugs or antique rugs more delicate in nature.

Another great option is the Down Under pad from Karastan, recommended for use with any Karastan rug. This pad has three-layer construction. The top layer is a thermo-bonded surface. The center is made of synthetic fibers and the bottom layer of waffled latex for excellent slip resistance. This pad is non-allergenic and resists bacterial growth.

For areas that require lower clearance, such as an entry rug in front of a door, we offer a thin, non-skid, 100% rubber pad. This is an excellent choice for smaller scatter rugs as well.

The last type of pad we carry is for rugs layered on top of carpeting. For this type of installation, we recommend the lightweight, felted pad by Teebaud. This pad prevents slippage and bunching and can easily be cut for custom sizes.

When purchasing an area rug for your home, be sure to purchase the best rug pad you can afford which will provide safety, comfort and will extend the life of your rug.