Rug Size Guide

Sep 6, 2021 | Area Rugs

Rug Size and Design Guide

3 Things to Consider When Purchasing an Area Rug: Size, Color Palette & Style

1) Measure Room and Rug Size

Shop with knowledge; you need to know what rug size you need/want for your space.

“Measure twice and purchase once! The most common mistake we see is people purchasing a rug that is too small for the space,” Said Atiyeh Bros. sales consultant/designer, Debbie Scott. “When this occurs the rug gets lost underneath furniture. You want your rug to be seen and showcased with its beautiful colors and patterns, that’s why you bought it! Make sure your rug is the correct size for your space by measuring before shopping.”

2) Choose Rug Color Palette

An area rug is a great way to inspire your room’s color scheme and vibe. Do you want your space to be warm and cozy, vibrant and bright, or dark with modern cool tones? The colors and patterns of the rug provide a guide for the walls, furniture, and décor.

Use the rug colors to choose paint, furniture, and décor. Doing this accentuates the colors from the rug creating a seamless and collaborated look and feel throughout the space. This streamlines your color scheme and pulls all the design elements together.

Color is one of the best ways to brighten up or cozy down a room, be creative, have fun and let the rug do the work by giving you your color guide!

3) Rug Style

Looking for a bold geometric pattern to go with your mid-century modern furniture or do you want to highlight your love of traditional and classic styles? Choose your area rug, furniture and décor to sync with the style you are looking for.

It is important that your style coordinates throughout your space, this is easy on the eye and provides fluidity in your room. A rug provides the platform for what the style will be throughout the space. Then you can accentuate this style with décor and home accessories. Remember to choose the right rug pad to protect your investment.

Not sure what size you need for your space? Just download our helpful guide below.