How to Store Rugs

Feb 6, 2022 | Area Rugs

How To Correctly Store a Rug Long Term

Do you need to store your heirloom rug and want to make sure it’s preserved? Many people who are in the middle of moving, or need long term storage are concerned about damage to area rugs. In order to avoid common mistakes that could damage your rugs, follow these 3 expert tips to help you successfully preserve your rug while it is in storage.

3 Tips When Storing a Rug

1. Store a Clean Rug

Dirt, animal urine, milk, or liquid spills that were not properly cleaned can create irreversible damage to your rug over time. These types of spills can also attract insects like moths. Make sure your rug has been properly vacuumed and cleaned prior to storing. If a rug has major spills it is best practice to have the rug professionally cleaned before storing it.

2. Wrap Your Rug in Paper

Wrapping your rug in paper allows the rug to breathe. This also helps protect the rug from insects such as moths. Do not wrap your rug in plastic for long term storage. Plastic can create vapor that will leave your rug moist and susceptible to mildew and mold.  At Atiyeh Bros. we can wrap your rug in paper for storage, contact us with your rugs measurements for more information or an estimated cost. You can also find paper to wrap your rug at a butcher shop or online from a moving company.

3. Store Your Rug in a Dry Location

Keep your rug in a dry climate away from moisture. Doing this helps protect your rug from mildew or mold. The best place to store your rug is above the ground in a dry covered area. If you live in a region with high humidity, you may want to make sure you have a dehumidifier to help mitigate the moisture in the air.

Follow these tips to help successfully preserve your rug while it is in storage. Although Atiyeh Bros. does not provide area rug storage, we would recommend contacting a well-reviewed storage facility if you need to store and preserve heirloom rugs.