Custom Area Rugs Top 5

Jul 15, 2022 | Custom Rug Fabrication

5 Things you need to know about custom area rugs


Interested in custom area rugs, but not sure about the cost or details. You may be having trouble finding a rug to fit in your space. Whether you need a very specific rug size or you need a rug that fits around furniture or corners a custom area rug is a great option. Maybe you just want wall to wall carpeting that can be easily removed and cleaned?

A custom bound area rug allows you to have the look and feel of wall to wall carpeting while also allowing you to move it around, pick it up and clean it. No matter your situation we can work with you to help your vision come to life!

1. They are created from broadloom wall to wall carpeting

By cutting a broadloom carpet to your custom size, it gives you thousands of options, styles, patterns, fibers, and textures to choose from. The options are endless!

2. It is less expensive than purchasing a hand knotted area rug

Authentic hand knotted rugs are the ultimate in luxury, however not always practical for some lifestyles. Having a custom area rug made from broadloom carpet is a great way to get exactly what you need at an amazing price.

3. They can be made to fit any size and most any shape

If you have a difficult area in which you want a rug that there is no standard size for, but don’t want installed wall to wall carpet, this is an excellent option to get the perfect fit. We can cut to any size.

4. These rugs are bound at the edges with a variety of binding colors and options

We are experts not only in rugs and carpet sales, but in rug and carpet repair and binding. We have the ability to professionally bind in shop with endless color and style options. You are literally creating your very own custom rug.

5. Provides you with the option to move the rug around and pick it up for easy access to cleaning

Because this custom cut carpet acts like a rug, you can easily move it around, roll it up, and even take it in to Atiyeh Bros. for cleaning.


If you are having trouble finding the perfect rug for you and your space let Atiyeh Bros. walk you through your options. We will work with you to turn your vision into reality.
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