Karastan Wall to Wall carpeting is made for style and durability.

With over 90 years of experience in quality wall to wall carpeting, Atiyeh is proud to present the Karastan carpeting collection.

There are many choices from wool, blends, nylon, silk, bamboo and Smart Strand Forever Clean, a product that resists stains on the molecular level. See here!

When choosing wall to wall carpeting, your choice dramatically changes the style and mood in a room, so follow our tips for deciding which kind of carpeting is right for your lifestyle.

Carpet Buying Tips:

What is the purpose of the room?

The kind of carpet you choose for a formal sitting area is drastically different from a child’s playroom. Determine the purpose so you can decide what kind of durability you want.


Choose your color palette:

The color of a carpet may change with the daylight hours and levels of exposure. Take a sample to set in the intended room so you can confirm the color is right for the lighting in the space.


A pattern, or lack thereof also changes the mood in a room. A bold whimsical animal print or floral pattern gives instant personality and charm. Make sure the scale of the print is right for the area.


a carpet’s texture not only changes the way it feels to the touch, it informs the look as well. There are many different carpet textures that go from symmetrical patterns, to boho chic, and eclectic textures that interest the eye and upgrade the atmosphere.