Choosing the Right Rug Pad

Jun 29, 2021 | Area Rugs, Rug Pads

Placing a rug pad underneath your area rugs is highly advised for a damage free home. Rug pads protect rugs and all flooring, while also preventing trips and falls. At Atiyeh, we determine the best rug pad for each customer based upon two main factors: the location of the rug in the home, and the type of rug. A third factor would be the type of expected wear over the life of the rug. Do you have many children or pets? These factor in to the type of protection you will need.

The Quality of Rug Pad Matters

In most cases, area rugs are placed on a hard surface such as tile, laminate, or hard wood flooring. In these situations, we would recommend Eco Premium or Eco By Design rug pad. The difference between Eco Premium and Eco by Design is mostly within its thickness.

Eco Premium is 1/4″ and is recommended for most area rugs on hard surfaces. Eco by Design is thinner at 1/8″ and is excellent for area rugs that are thinner and smaller. These rug pads are also perfect for rugs that need door clearance. Both Eco by Design and Eco Premium include a pet urine layer of protection, are made from sustainable materials and are recyclable.

If you are layering a rug on top of wall-to-wall carpeting, we recommend Teebud rug pads. These are ideal for holding rugs down to carpets of any thickness.

Why You Need  A Rug Pad

There are 5 main reasons you must include a rug pad under your rug:

  1. Protect Your Floor from Pet Urine and Grime Damage
  2. Safety, prevent slipping
  3. Extend the Life of your Rug investment
  4. Noise Reduction and Foot Comfort
  5. Easier to Keep Clean (ridges in rug pads prevent mold and make vacuuming easier)

If you are struggling to determine which rug pad is best for your rug, call Atiyeh Bros., your rug and carpet experts since 1900!