How To Keep Your Area Rug Clean

Feb 15, 2021 | Area Rugs, Rug Cleaning

People add area rugs to their space for many reasons; whether it is to add a splash of color, a talking point, or just to give their feet the comfort they deserve. Whatever the purpose for your rug, it unfortunately endures wear and tear. Typical foot traffic will track in dirt, crumbs, spills, furniture indents, pet and human dander, insects, and sun damage, all to be collected within your precious rugs fibers. Without proper care, normal wear and tear can cause serious damage and discoloration to your once vibrant and clean rug.

What are some steps you can take to ensure your rug lasts year after year? Rotating your rug once a year is a great way to avoid any serious damage. To execute this, plan a day to move and rearrange all the furniture in the room containing your rug. Start by removing the furniture from the rug, then thoroughly vacuuming the entire rug, allowing for evenly distributed wear. Next, you will want to completely rotate your rug, this will expose a new side of the rug to daily foot traffic. Return your furniture to their designated areas, and you’re all set! 

One of the surest ways to extend the life of your rug is to add a high quality custom rug pad. A rug pad not only extends the life of your rug, it prevents floor damage underneath, and keeps your rug from gathering up or shifting from it’s intended location.

To spot clean your rug, we have a rug cleaning guide to help you take steps to clean your rug from common stains in between professional cleaning.

For rugs that have endured more damage, such as pet stains, extensive traffic, or even tears, Atiyeh Bros. specialize in area rug cleaning and repair. The Atiyeh Bros. rug cleaning and repair team has the qualified expertise, professional-grade equipment and attention to detail necessary to keep your rug fresh, crisp and inviting for generations to come. Bring your rug into any of our locations to be professionally cleaned and/or repaired, or set up a convenient time for us to come and clean your wall-to-wall carpet and furniture.