Should I Buy A Tufted Rug, Are They Bad?

Nov 10, 2022 | Area Rugs

Do Tufted Rugs Last

What are Tufted Rugs and Should I Purchase One?

Have you been watching the home improvement shows or reading the latest home decorating blogs? A common theme today is the use of tufted rugs. As these rugs have become readily available and popular it is important to know more about the tufted trend. Tufted rugs are more efficient and cost effective to produce than a hand-knotted rug. This is why many home improvement shows, big box stores and interior designers are pushing for tufted rugs. Before hopping on the Tufted Train, it is a good idea to know what a tufted rug is and what to be wary of.

What is a Tufted Rug?

Tufted rugs are made by using a tufting gun to punch yarn into a canvas that is held up by a frame. The canvas can be made from natural or synthetic material and usually has a stencil design guiding where the different color yarns will be “tufted”. After the tufts of yarn are punched through the canvas, the rug is removed from the frame and placed on the ground. Next, an adhesive is applied to the back of the rug acting as the stabilizer to keep the yarns from falling out. The adhesive is what keeps the rug together. Learn more about Tufted Rugs.

Should I Buy A Tufted Rug

4 Things To Be Wary Of When Shopping For A Tufted Rug

1. Not Durable

Tufted rugs are not durable. They last only as long as the adhesive glue holding them together. The glue can weaken over time and does not hold up well to traffic like; kids, pets, spills, or soiling. The tufts of yarn tend to shed and tufts can be easily pulled out by hand or vacuum. Because these rugs are not built to last, they will be disposed of much faster than other rugs. A tufted rug typically lasts anywhere from 3 – 20 years.

2. Can’t Clean Thoroughly

Tufted rugs do not clean well. Again, this is largely thanks to the latex adhesive backing that keeps the rug together. The glue is a vital part of the rug and anything that gets into the glue (animal or human fluids, spills, pet dander…) cannot be washed out.

3. Not Sustainable

Tufted rugs are not a sustainable rug choice. Because tufted rugs only last 3 – 20 years you are likely going to need to dispose of a tufted rug 3 – 7 times in your lifetime. Unfortunately, we will begin to see these rugs clog up the landfill. As professional rug cleaners it is rare for us to see a tufted rug older than 20 years. However, we regularly see sustainable hand-knotted rugs that are 30 – 100 years old.

4. Not Eco-Friendly

Tufted rugs are not eco-friendly and are not built to last. Since these rugs are created from materials that breakdown over time they do not last and will end up in the landfill. The latex backing also off-gasses releasing chemicals into the air causing a burnt rubber smell while also creating an unhealthy air environment in your home. Off-gassing is most noticeable when you first receive your tufted rug, on hot days, or after the rug has been cleaned. It is the reaction the latex has to different environments or if it has not been cured properly.

Tufted rugs are not all equal, some are created with better quality materials than others. With that said, as rug experts for over 120 years, we do not recommend purchasing a tufted rug if you are looking for a rug that is durable, cleanable, sustainable and eco-friendly. Atiyeh Bros. offers a wide selection of hand-knotted wool rugs suited to last generations. Our selections are made from natural materials that are eco-friendly and clean up well. Check out our rug gallery or give us a call.